Family Class

ACIC Inc. offers a comprehensive array of services related to the Family Class.
Our extensive hands-on experience with the most complex spousal, parents and child sponsorship cases that also include delicate unresolved custody matters, child dependency and common law unions have set us apart as one of the top practitioners in the ‘Family Class’ domain.
ACIC Inc. is well known for work in complex parent sponsorship cases which need substantial coordination and oversight ensuring successful outcomes for our clients. We counsel clients on how to effectively mitigate delays in assessing sponsors and sponsored persons associated with sponsorship applications, including issues associated with tax returns and low income cut-offs. Our associations with Canada’s most elite family law firms assist in providing comprehensive and efficient services in this domain.
Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada “IRCC” recognizes two categories of people that may be sponsored by Canadian citizens or permanent residents:
  • Family Members
  • Other Relatives
Family class applications can be very technical. A thorough analysis of the entire circumstances of the sponsor is crucial. In some instances, Canadian Embassies, High Commissions or Consulates for instance deny the status to the sponsored person after a determination is made that the sponsor has no intention to relocate permanently to Canada with his/her sponsored person, and thereby overriding the eligibility ruling of the Case Processing Center that the sponsor is eligible. A thorough analysis in this case would safeguard an applicant from such a negative result on their application.
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