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  • February 28, 2019 By Muhannad Samara, For ACIC Inc. Promotional material of a new product that offers citizenship against a Euro 100,000 donation to the government of Moldova has circulated the Immigration / citizenship market for some time now.... Read More
  • This is an opinion that relates to the Federal Skilled Workers Programme for Permanent Residence Status in Canada. I will address a matter of principle in this article. Adaptability and first-degree relatives of the applicant who reside in Quebec.... Read More
  • By Muhannad Samara January 8, 2019   Economic Slowdown, Trade wars, Democrats prevailing in the U.S, turmoil in the Middle East and Brexit are samples of 2019’s economic, political and security drivers. The world’s leading governments... Read More
  • By: Muhannad Samara, RCIC December 26, 2018   The immigration terrain has experienced considerable turmoil in 2018. Brexit fears and the UK’s proposed immigration policies, the global views on citizenship by investment programmes that are... Read More
  • By: Muhannad Samara, RCIC December 16, 2018   Formal Immigration Representatives Vs. Coordinators To make an informed decision on a matter that is as critical as selecting the person who will assist you with your immigration / Citizen... Read More
  • It is not uncommon for an investor to assume that an uninterrupted history of visa grants to Europe, North America or elsewhere around the world, is a permanent situation. Moreover, it is also not uncommon for members of the general public, to mis... Read More
  • Often are investors perplexed when the decision to embark on an immigration process is to be made. The muddle lies in the selection of the right person or firm to represent the interests. The Abundance of firms, companies, sole practitioners, make th... Read More
  • Very few immigration offering countries, have a regulatory framework for immigration representatives’ regulation. In many instances, and when an immigration practice or company is contemplated, the question an investor must ask him/her self, is wheth... Read More
  • Over the past 5 years, Canadian provinces have witnessed a substantial shift on the real estate market terrain. Up to 44% increase in property prices has been observed in some metropolitan cities across Canada. With an average price of CAD$1,062,100... Read More
  • By Muhannad Samara, RCIC   New Immigration Plan The current intake of applications in Canada’s Economic class is yielding a modest percentage of approvals and immigration status grants. What we mean by that is that not all applications su... Read More
  • Residency by Investment Its true, a 250,000 Euro investment in real estate in Greece would render you eligible to apply for Permanent Residency the Hellenic Republic. Euro500,000 investment would render you eligible to apply for Residency by Inve... Read More
  •             Immigration … the impacts on Shadow Population Immigration Programmes In excess of 500 Immigration, residency by investment, citizenship by investment, work permits, skilled w... Read More
  • Motion to End Birth Tourism Conservatives in Canada voted for the motion to end birth tourism. The motion if passed as law, simply put, will deny Canadian citizenship status to babies born on Canadian land whose parents are not Canadian Citizens.... Read More
  • Plan B It continues to astound us; the world’s immigration terrain is terraforming; countries falling, regimes seizing to exist, and the total transformation of nations from years of hereditary patterns are being witnessed overnight, yet very few... Read More
  • Express Entry - Dreamers Vs. Eligible Candidates The extremely controversial, and to an extent, complex application intake system, has just demonstrated that it has an ever-changing face. To many, the Express Entry Online Application Intake system... Read More
  • Brexit Talks The Irish border issue remains the biggest challenge in seeing the negotiations through. The EU is very nervous about the UK managing and collecting for them, the hard border remains an unacceptable alternative, and to some, a breach... Read More
  • Portugal's ARI (Golden Visa) - Start .. Middle .. End The Authorization for Residence by Investment Activity programme "ARI", erroneously named, by the general public, The Golden Visa, continues to attract interest from China, Brazil, Middle East... Read More
  • Australia Vs. Canada Australia's Skilled Worker's programme is competing rather largely with the Canadian Express Entry System. Competition in attracting foreign skilled workers has been the forte of many of the world's leading immigration intake... Read More
  • Citizenship and Residence by Investment What we do, how we do it ... ACIC Inc.’s Global Immigration unit assists applicants by providing world class coordination services where legal practitioners, real estate agents, and other professionals are... Read More