Fraud Prevention

Immigration and Visa Fraud Prevention “I.V.F.P”


Stemming from our unyielding mandate to combat immigration fraud, and inline with our regulator, the CICC's fraud Prevention efforts, ACIC Inc. has accomplished a lot in the arena of combating fraudulent immigration practices and practitioners, educating the general public and providing insight to authorities in many countries around the world, on how to better regulate immigration practices.


The Immigration and Visa Fraud Prevention “I.V.F.P” Initiative

The I.V.F.P initiative was first launched in 2009 by ACIC’s operations base offices in Amman, Jordan. The campaign was then extended to the firm’s offices in Dubai, UAE.

The I.V.F.P initiative was a meticulously designed campaign whose aim was to educate the general public and the local authorities in over 15 countries (where immigration practices are rampant), on the peril’s and the dire consequences of exercising any of the avenues of fraudulent immigration practices.

Local business registration departments and ministries of trade were educated on how to vet the competence of a practitioner before allowing them to operate or organize a business that offers immigration services to Canada. Local inspectors in said departments where trained on how to validate a practitioner’s standing with his/her regulator, one of the I.V.F.P initiative’s most concrete achievements was the implementation of a permanent policy at two of the competent business registration authorities, where no company offering immigration services will be entitled to a license to practice, if no proof of good standing was displayed before the registration of the company and for each annual renewal.

The I.V.F.P initiative is one that is entirely funded by ACIC Inc.
In 2017 alone, more than CAD$20,000 were spent on:

  • Educational Seminars held publicly and privately
  • Social media campaigns aimed distinctly at educating the general public
  • Awareness campaigns aimed at reinforcing ethical practices amongst ACIC Inc.’s contacts

ACIC realizes that the elimination of immigration fraud is a long and challenging quest, and possibly impossible, we have therefore devised a long-term plan that aims at reducing the magnitude of the syndrome.



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