A country located on the banks of the French Riviera, Monaco is one of the elite jurisdictions sought by many affluent individuals who wish to start a life there and enjoying the countries numerous unique attributes, such as climate, tax incentives, scenery and activities.

ACIC’s role in the process of attaining a Monaco residency is one that spans the process’s 10 year timeline. We continue to support the applicant until he/she are eligible to apply for and attain the Monaco citizenship.

General Conditions:

You must apply for a long-stay visa (type D) for Monaco through the French consulate / Embassy responsible for your current place of residence.  Exceptionally, foreigners who are already in the Principality of Monaco and own accommodation can appeal to the Ministry of Interior for permission to apply directly to the French Embassy in Monaco  (article 5 of the Convention Franco-Monégasque de voisinage). A visa is a condition to applying for the residence Permit.


Nationality Conditions (naturalization):

Any person wishing to acquire Monégasque nationality must prove:

  • That they have renounce any other nationality they possess. Monégasque nationality law does not allow dual nationality;
  • that naturalization in Monaco will relieve him of the obligation to perform military service abroad; This must be confirmed
  • that the applicant has resided ten years in the Principality of Monaco after reaching the age of twenty one; this residence must be unbroken and in effect at the moment the request for naturalization is made and not be mere residence at an earlier period.

The following are exempted from fulfilling the condition requiring ten years residence:

  • a foreigner whom the Prince judges worthy of this favor;
  • a woman married to a foreigner whose husband requests naturalization or who has already obtained it;
  • children, who are still minors, of a naturalized foreigner, provided that they reside in Monaco at the moment of their request.

Naturalization is granted by sovereign ordinance. Decisions rejecting or deferring the request are not subject to appeal; the request may always be rejected, even if the person making the request satisfies the conditions laid down, as these latter merely confer the right to make the request for naturalization.

Monégasque nationality is granted automatically to children who are minor of a father or a mother surviving her husband ( in the event of the death of this latter) who obtains naturalization. These children have, however, the opportunity to renounce their nationality by making a declaration before the Registrar in the Year which follows the date on which they reach their majority.


Country of Nationality Conditions

If you are an EU or an EEE national you may obtain residency in Monaco through:

If you are a none EU national, the following steps must be complied with in order for the residence in Monaco to be issued and sustained:

  • Apply for a Business Visa through the French Embassy responsible for your country of residence
  • Travel to Monaco for an interview with the Monaco immigration department
  • Establish a company
  • Purchase a property for a minimum value of 500,000 Euros



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