ACIC Inc. is currently active on the Tier-1 Entrepreneur Business Visa for the 200,000 pounds investments.

The UK Tier-1 Entrepreneur Business Visa is a temporary status that is granted to a foreign national on the promise that s/he will establish a business venture and assume an active management role in the business. Three years and four months after the granting of the Tier-1 Entrepreneur visa, the investor's activities in the UK will be evaluated for a determination to be made if an extension is to be granted. 

Once 3 years and 4 months have elapsed, and the business venture has been successfully implemented, the applicant may apply to extend his visa for an additional 2 years. On the elapse of year five and 4 months, the applicant, after meeting all conditions of the programme may apply for an indefinite leave to remain in the UK.

The indefinite leave to remain in the UK is a status that relieves the applicant from the conditions of the Tier-1 Visa. Once a minimum of 12 months have elapsed after the applicant has attained the indefinite leave to stay in the UK, the applicant may apply for British Citizenship (other conditions apply).




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